Limousine Service for Prom and Graduation

The day everyone at school has been waiting for! it’s prom time!

The big night is here! You got out the courage to ask your crush to Prom and in a few days it will be that day you have been dreaming of.

Walking down the aisle with the one you love!..wait a minute…that is a different dream!..

The one we’re talking about is the one where you get to wear your best outfit out and enjoy an amazing night with that special someone who makes those butterflies in your stomach fly at 1000 miles per hour!

Yes! Prom night is almost here! and now you must plan the logistics of it all so that nothing is missed.

 You have spent enough time picking out the right dress/tuxedo, of course the right corsage has been picked for you, you got your shinny shoes or slinky heels and now you need to decide how you will get there and back!

You could ask your parents for a ride or drive yourself there but why would you do that?  Isn’t this night supposed to be all about you! Why would you spend precious moments worrying about picking up your date or being chauffeur to all your friends?

We have a better proposition for you.  Why not get a chauffeur who will drive you around all night open your door and treat you like the royalty you are! Even if you are not the Prom Queen or King, in the eyes of our chauffeurs you are royalty!  We will take care of everything.


    Our limo service will make sure you have the greatest time on your ride to Prom and back.  Also, we will make sure to get you there safely.  Our chauffeurs are the best in the industry.

    That way you can reassure your parents that you will get home safely after the big event.  Got to make a stop for dinner, grabbing snacks,  or stopping at the mall? No worries!

    We can arrange any stop and we’ll keep your itinerary with all the stops you need and make sure you make it to Prom on time.  Our chauffeurs are knowledgeable of the area and will find the best route to get you where you need to go!  We will make sure that your time is spent with that special someone and with your besties… that’s what it’s all about in the end, isn’t it?

    To spend time with your loved one and lifetime friends who will go on to the big adventure of life…. but isn’t it awesome that you all get to spend one more night together to make those memories  that will last a lifetime or until the next high school reunion? Our company will be delighted to offer our services and take care of you and your friends for this memorable event.

    Just give us a call or complete our instant quote form so we can start planning the logistics for your special night!

    Here are 5 reasons to book that limo you always wanted:

    1. Elegance.
    2. Style.
    3. It’s a must have!
    4. You deserve it!

    5. Affordability

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    Limousine service is a perfect way to truly enjoy your graduation.

    High school and University/College graduation ceremonies mean a lot to student and parents all over the globe. It’s a day when you are rewarded for all your hard work throughout  the years.  Make this time even more memorable by booking one of our limos and celebrate the day you have been waiting for so long!

    Why do so many graduates and their parents choose Limo Richmond as their pre and post graduation luscious transportation service?

    1.  You don’t graduate that often. Treat yourself  for your special day, you have earned it! So many hours spent in class, tons of information to absorb and process every day of the week. It can definitely be tiring.  This is your chance to celebrate the post graduation freedom

    2. Prestige. Opening a new chapter of your life in style will make it one of the most memorable experience for you and your friends.

    3. Party it up. Go out for drinks and dinner with your friends and family all together. No need to meet up anywhere or struggle to find parking.

    Reserve you graduation limousine today by calling 804-655-0759 or fill out the Instant Quote Form for.. you guessed it! An Instant FREE Quote! We look forward to proving you with the best service imaginable!