Limousine Service in Mechanicsville VA

Looking for a limousine service in Mechanicsville Virginia?

Planning a wedding, prom, birthday or any other major event?

Then give us call to find out more about our amazing limousines.

There could be any number of reasons why you might hire a limousine service to take care of your travel needs.

With so many options, styles and services to choose from, it might be difficult to narrow the company down that is right for you.

But what are some of the reasons people hire a limousine service in Mechanicsville, anyway?

Below are a few of the more popular choices.


    Proms – One of the most common calls we get are around the prom season. Many schools in the area find that they are hosting their proms around the same night as other schools. You want to be sure you book early, in this case. When you live in an area that has LIMITED services available, the commodity becomes hot, and as always, it is first come first served. So, long story short – if you wait until the last minute, you could find yourself driving your teens to and from the prom. It is that or entrusting them with the family car.
    Weddings – Another very popular call we get is for weddings and the transportation of wedding parties. Limousines can accommodate a large number of people to travel together. Newer styles of limousines, such as the stretched SUV limousines can accommodate more people. If you intend to hire the services of a limousine service, it is requested that you book it as soon as you set the date. Depending upon when you get married, there are ‘busy seasons’ and you do not want to find yourself and your wedding party with no way to get to the reception.
    Funerals – This is another sad, yet popular form of travel for the family of the dearly departed. Some funeral homes have their own limousine services, but with larger numbers in the family they may not have enough limousines or seats to accommodate everyone to and from the church to the cemetery. This might be where you would hire a local limousine service to transport the family members who wouldn’t have traveled by limousine otherwise to and from the interment ceremony.
    VIP Services – Perhaps you need to have someone picked up at the airport and YOU cannot physically be there to get them. You could hire the assistance of a limousine service to come and pick them up at the airport and get them to where they need to be. Many local businesses use this method to transport out of town clients to hotels, conferences and office spaces when someone cannot be available to get them to and from a location. Professional limousine services are courteous, safe and will make a good statement to your special guest that you cared enough to send for them in a luxury car.
    Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties – This is another very popular time when calls come in for services. When you hire a professional service to transport your party around, everyone has the peace of mind that they are traveling safely to and from their party. A variety of options are available to choose from, depending on the party’s size that can extend from a standard limousine to an SUV limousine and even some party limousines that set out to appeal to the party scene.
    Just because you called a Limousine service, it doesn’t always mean you need a limousine, per se. Some people are just looking for any exotic form of luxury travel they can find. Some requests ask for the zaniest! Do we have a purple painted trolley car full of stuffed animals? Maybe not, but if we can accommodate the request, we will do our best to find it! Perhaps you are looking for a ride that not many people ever get the chance to ride in. Some locations have other luxury model vehicles that can be rented for events, such as a Rolls Royces and Bentleys. When you see one of those on the street, heads will turn to watch it drive away. It is just not something most people see everyday.
    Whatever your needs are, there is a service available to accommodate you. Nothing is ever too wild or zany and we have probably heard them all. Next time you need to make a statement or you just want to ride in style, you should consider calling your local limousine service. They more than likely will have exactly what you need for all of your travel whims.