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If you have ever ridden in a limousine you know how luxurious it can be.

They are certainly an experience that will not soon be forgotten.

Trips in a limousine service are usually for special occasions and or events and are usually attached to memories that we hold dear.

But is there at all a bad thing about riding in style this way?

Let’s take a look and weigh it all out as we compare the pros and cons of this fabulous form of travel.

    Pro – Luxury/Style. Well, this should be an obvious one. Who does not want to ride in style to an event where you want to make a statement?

    People rent high end vehicles all the time for the very same reasons, only with a limousine service, the rental comes with a driver so you do not need to concern yourself with parallel parking the thing!

    There is nothing bad that can be said of riding around in a luxury car. That is, unless you are getting a ride to your child’s baseball game on a Saturday morning.

    But hey – if you want to do it – go for it. If you are riding around in style just to make a statement, well – this would certainly do the trick!

    2 Con- Cost. As we know, anything worthwhile comes at a cost. A service like this comes at a price. Some folks cannot justify the cost, no matter what the situation is. Even with our extremely low prices

    Prices for this type of service calculate in the driver’s time and wages, gas prices, cleaning fees and upkeep of the limousine.

    Additionally, tipping your driver is necessary and some folks have a hard time doing so after spending the money on the vehicle rental. Some services require a deposit that must be put down before you need the service, to cover incidental costs.

    This is usually refunded to the renter, unless something bad happens (Spills, tears, someone has an upset stomach, etc.).

    #3. Pro/Con- Wanted/Unwanted gawkers. Yeah, well – this is to be expected. You just stepped out of a limousine, for crying out loud! Unless you are setting out to draw attention to yourself, this might not be the best form of transportation you can think of.

    Some folks prefer this kind of attention, while others do not. Those who do not like people watching them may be deterred from traveling this way, but let’s face it, when you see a limousine you look to see who is getting out of it! So, if this is not for you, maybe you should look at a different form of travel.

    But if it is… smile and wave! You never know who is watching.

    #4. Pro- Professional Drivers. When you hire that of a professional limousine service you know that you are getting the utmost in professional courtesy that money can buy in the world of travel.

    All limousine drivers have clean driving records, drive responsibly and maintain a professional and courteous attitude in your presence. They know you paid good money for the service they provide and carry out the service from the moment you step into the vehicle until the last step you take out of it.

    You also are getting the most personal attention that is available in the industry and often, it is personalized to your own tastes. Whatever you need while you are in their care, they will do what they can to make your trip memorable and worth the money.
    #5. Con- Difficult to book, in a pinch. If time is of the essence and you did not have time to arrange your travel plans before you left home, you may have a difficult time arranging for a limousine service to assist you.

    Most services book out weeks and months, in advance, so if you wait too long to arrange for your ride – you could be in for a big disappointment. Lesson to be heeded here – don’t procrastinate!

    #6. Pro- Unparalleled form of travel. Just the experience alone is worth it! If you have the means to travel this way, do it! With quality service, riding in luxury and spending time relaxing as you make your way from Point A to Point B there is nothing that can come close to a ride in a limousine.

    This way you can sightsee, if you are on vacation, and not have to worry about the vehicles in front and behind you. You are entrusting the driver to take care of those little details while you relax and enjoy the sights around you.

    There are many factors to consider if a limousine service is right for you. The pros outweigh the cons and the money you will spend for top notch service will be second to none. When in doubt, just say yes. It will almost ALWAYS be well worth the money you will spend.