Limousine Service For Birthdays and Quinceaneras.

What do people want as their birthday gifts?

The honest answer is, everyone prefers their own thing. Some like cool gadgets, clothes or something as simple as a gift card while others want expensive things such as jewelry, designer clothes and things of such nature. What do all those things have in common? They are just that… Things! I would say that about 90 percent of all people value experiences above all! Crazy right? An experience will stay with a person for a very long time and same goes to whoever brought it to them. So, why not gift a gift of an amazing limousine service experience to that lucky birthday boy or girl and have them remember you for it! It is an awesome and unexpected surprise which everyone will appreciate.

Why book this amazing experience with us and what do we offer here at Limo Richmond?

1. Flexibility
Having second thoughts about places you want to go party? Restaurant you’ve made reservations at isn’t able to fit your party in for dinner? One of your friends wants to join in but doesn’t have a ride? We got your back! All you have to do, is let your chauffeur know what you would like to do and he/she will make it happen hassle free… It’s your night after all!

2. Traffic Planning
Planning your birthday celebration during rush hour traffic time? No problem what so ever! Our drivers are equipped with, and trained on usage of state of the art navigation and traffic monitoring devices to ensure that you will never be late wherever your party takes you. All the scheduling is prepared well in advance and can be adjusted during the transit as requested by YOU!

3. Chauffeurs
Our staff of highly experienced and well mannered chauffeurs are there not only to drive you around and open your door, but also, to ensure that you have everything you need and your birthday celebration couldn’t get any more fun! All our drivers are fun, professional and quick to think on their feet. Your safety along with the level of fun having are the most important factors to them.

Bottom line is… Booking a luxurious limo from a trusted limousine service provider for you or your friend’s birthday party is a totally unique thing to do these days. It’s so simple, yet only few tend to really make an effort to stand out. Be one of the few to stand out! Call us at 804-655-0759 or fill out our FREE Quote for and find out how awesome it really is! We will see you soon!

    How to make your little girl feel so very special on her 15th birthday?

    Book one of our elegant limousines to deliver her to the future as she becomes of age.

    Why would you request a limousine service for you girl’s special day?

    1. It will only happen once.
    You know it, she knows it and we do as well. Make it special!

    2. She deserves it.
    Show her how much you you love her and care! She will have nothing but appreciation and love to give back.

    3. You want her to be happy
    As a parent, you naturally choose only the best for your little angel and a beautiful limousine service is how you come through.

    4. It is a wonderful surprise!
    Imagine that she doesn’t expect anything, and out of nowhere she sees a limo rolling out like a prince on a white horse. She will be thrilled.

    Do you really need any more reasons to make your little princess the happiest she could ever be? Call us at 804-655-0759 or fill out the FREE quote form for a hassle free quote. Tell us how we can serve you and make her feel genuinely special.