Limo Service For Your Bachelor, Bachelorette Party or Anniversary.

Our limo rental will take you around the finest bars, night clubs and locations while everyone’s having the time of their lives!

Let us take care of all your transportation needs.

Limo Richmond has to be there and make this night one, that will be remembered for many years to come. Planning a special event for a party or a couple? A luscious limo is a must have!

Why choose our limo service for your bachelor party in Richmond,VA.

1. Real friend get limos! What good friend catches a cab from bar to bar, club to restaurant? The answer is not one. Your bud is getting married, come on! Put yourself in his shoes. For the past 3 months or so, him and his wife to be have been preparing, staying up day and night while planning the wedding. Do something he will truly appreciate and plan out this night, starting with the most important thing, Limo Service!

2. You WILL get home safely. An amazing night, becomes even better the next day when you wake up in your hotel room instead of a dark alley next to a dumpster and a local bum. We hear people say that it would actually constitute an awesome, hangover type night, but really think about. Your boy is getting married, possibly the next day! Do you want to be that guy, who put his already stressed out bride to be over the edge, and the whole wedding in jeopardy. We don’t think so! 

3. It’s classic. It doesn’t get more classic than rolling up in a limo, wrecking the place, and rolling out to the next one.

4. If you can name it, we can find it. Any place you name, our driver will get you there safe and sound.

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    Limo For Your Bachelorette Party

    Limo Richmond is here to make your dream night happen. Whether you’re in the market for a limo or a party bus, we got you covered.

    Why book our limousine service, rather than any other limo rental  in the neighborhood?

    1. Experience
    We provide you with a limousine service EXPERIENCE, which is different from a limo rental. Our drivers are highly knowledgeable of the area, possess a great sense of humor and are here not only to drive you around, but also to be your friend. They enjoy serving you and make you feel warm and cozy as you ride wherever it is you’re going in unmatched comfort and style.

    2. Quality
    Something that we uphold to the highest standard in business is our fleet. Our “mighty fleet”, as we like to call it, consists of vehicles which are upheld to only the highest standards, maintained only by certified providers and are spotlessly cleaned after each use.

    3. Fun
    Reserving your limo or party bus with us guarantees an incredible night every time. Whether looking to have a crazy, unforgettable, “The Hangover” type of night or simple night out with your best friends we are your best choice in town.

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    Anniversary in a Limousine

    Limo rental for anniversary? Oh yeah! Whether you are celebrating 6 month, 5 year or going all out for the Golden 50th anniversary? No matter how long you have been together, celebrate your day in style!

    Why should you book our limo services for your anniversary?

    1.  A memorable experience.   Surprise your partner with flowers, champagne, favorite music throughout the night and of course that amazing limousine! Some say that first impression is the most important, but hey, you’ve been together long enough to be celebrating your anniversary, so we’re way past the first impressions here. The ongoing effect of a surprise is highly underrated. If your relationship is in need of a spark or you would love to keep the fire burning hot, the anniversary celebration in one of our limos is just what you need!

    2. Step away from reality. Enjoy only each other’s presence while we take care of getting you safely to your destination. We’re talking about you and your partner, together! No distractions, no worries… Just the two of you! Talking about feeling special, huh? Our limo rental is the way to go!

    3. Impress them all over again.  Rekindle the romance. Make your lifetime partner feel special! Chances are, you’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to relight the romance between you and your other half. When will you find a better time that your anniversary?!

    Let us create a special night for you!  Hit us up us at 804-655-0759 or fill out our FREE Quote form to get the ball rolling.